Stuffing Recipes

Stuffing Recipes

In cooking, a stuffing is a mixture, usually made from a starch that is used to fill cavities in a variety of food, including meat, poultry, vegetables and fruit. Popular recipes include stuffed chicken breast as well as stuffed veal loin, stuffed tomatoes and stuffed mushrooms. Read on for a wide variety of stuffing recipes that you can use in a variety of meats and vegetables, as well as some stuffings perfect for use with fruit.

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About Stuffing:

It's not known exactly when stuffing first originated, but it has been dated back to Roman times — there were recipes found in a Roman cookbook that included stuffed chicken, hare, and dormouse.

More unusually, instead of a stuffing made from starch, an animal is stuffed with another animal. For example, a popular recipe using this method is 'A bird, within a bird, within a bird'. It's said to be extremely tasty and a perfect roast for Christmas time, although it has come under criticism for being wasteful and excessive — using three birds when one would be perfectly adequate.

Almost anything can be made into a stuffing, but the most popular ingredients tend to be rice, minced pork or beef, cous cous and cheese. In Britain, stuffing is often cooked and served on the side of a dish, instead of inside the bird or meat. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you may find makes more sense to you!

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